Israel Prepares for Ground Invasion

Israel has begun a ground offensive into Gaza after Hamas rejected cease-fire proposals.The aim: to root out the source of rocket attacks and terrorist tunnels. Israel has the right to defend itself and an obligation to protect its citizens.... More than 48,000 IDF reservists have now been called up for Operation Protective Edge. The offensive is taking place by land, sea and air.

We at ZDVO Australia, understand that continued fighting will bring negative consequences for our military heroes. We anticipate that more Israelis will need our help.
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Israel In Crisis

The situation in Israel is worsening. Once again Israel finds herself the recipient of an enormous escalation of violence. Hundreds of rockets are constantly being fired into Israel and 40,000 reservists have been called up for ÔÇťOperation Protective Edge. The ZDVO is all too familiar with the ongoing danger for all Israelis and the heroic bravery of the young men and women who protect the country and its citizens. Israel's right to defend herself is unquestionable.
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World Champion Blind Golfer, Zohar Sharon in Sydney

May, 2014 - Number 1 international blind golfer, Zohar Sharon is currently in Sydney after winning the Australian championships held this week in Nelson Bay. Zohar, together with his long time caddy and close friend, Shimshon Levy, travel to tournaments all over the world with an incredible amount of success. Zohar will be play at local courses, visiting schools and speaking at various functions.
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A little about us

The Zahal is devoted to helping the more than 51,000 Israeli disabled war veterans and victims of terror and each of their families regain the dignity and quality of life that they so richly deserve.

Every time an Israeli soldier is injured the ZDVO is there with them on their road to recovery.

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